Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Skin From Colours of Holi!

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Holi is round the corner and preparations are on for celebrating it with tons of fun, isn’t it? With all the enjoyment and yummy food, the vibrant colours of Holi bring hope for fresh beginnings.

But sometimes the unsafe chemicals in Holi colours leave you with skin irritation, redness, itching and skin related allergies.  It is therefore a good idea to prepare yourself well to avoid any such incidence.

Let us explore ways to save your skin from the harmful effects of Holi colours-

Cover up well:

Cover your body parts well. Wear full sleeved t shirts or kurtas, jeans or lowers. The more you cover up your body, the more protected they wil l stay while playing with colours.

It is best to wear clothes that are dark in colour. Light coloured clothes absorb more colour and look transparent when you get wet in Holi.

Slap on body oil:

Apply coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or simply Vaseline to your whole body. You may also apply oil to your hair and tie them up.

The thick layer of oil forms a protective coating on our skin and prevents harsh chemicals in the Holi colour from seeping into your skin and causing irritation.

Oiling also helps immensely when you are washing off the colours. They come off easily when you have applied oil beforehand.

Use a sunscreen:

Dab a generous layer of sunscreen on your Face and other exposed body parts before you go out to play Holi.

Avoid direct sun when you are smeared with colours. This prevents colours from sticking to your skin for a long time.

Buy Herbal colours:

It is best to avoid playing Holi with colours laden with harmful chemicals. Such colours may eventually cause itching, rashes or breakouts.

Buy herbal colour or sandal wood powder to play Holi. It will not only make your Holi vibrant with varied hues but also keep your skin well protected.

Stay hydrated:

Colours tend to stay longer on dry skin. Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water or juices while playing Holi.

Use sunglasses:

Put on old sun glasses to protect your eyes from colours.

If any colour gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately with cold water. If any kind of irritation persists, then consult a doctor at the earliest.

Apply nail paint:

Sheild your nails by applying double coats of nail paint. This will ensure that your nails are not smeared with colours that are hard to remove and may be unsafe for them.

Alternatively, you may also apply a thick layer of Vaseline over your nails to protect them while playing Holi.

Use cold water:

Avoid using warm water to wash off the Holi colours. Always use cold water to take off the colour from your body.

Use home made scrub:

Use home made scrub of gram flour and milk over your skin to take off the colour. It helps in removing colour from your skin without causing any dryness or harm.

Avoid using soaps:

Use soap free cleansers while removing colours from your body. Soap may make your skin dry and itchy. Also avoid washing your face repeatedly to remove colour.

Use a scrub with gentle movements over a couple of days to remove the colors effectively without harming the skin.

Use these handy tips while playing Holi and keep your skin well protected at the same time.

Happy Holi!

-Shalini Attre

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