6 Fun Dance Workouts to Lose Weight!

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If your weighing scale is tipping more towards the wrong side, then it is time to buckle up for a weight loss regime! A good workout session coupled with a diet plan can do wonders to your fitness levels.

Following an exercise routine on a regular basis requires loads of will power and discipline. But if the workout sessions are fun, then it is easy to stick to your fitness routine without much struggle on your end, isn’t it?

Dance workouts are a fun way to shed the extra pounds without feeling bored and weighed down by intensive workout sessions.

Let us look at the benefits of dance workouts-

  1. It works out the whole body and your mind too!
  2. It improves muscular endurance and body posture.
  3. It does not let the body feel any pressure.
  4. Its fun quotient de-stresses you mentally and physically.
  5. It increases your will power and improves your confidence.
  6. It makes you feel positive and boosts your creativity.

Here are 6 interesting dance forms that may help you lose weight effectively while you enjoy doing them-

Bollywood Dance:

Dancing to your favourite Bollywood numbers keeps you hooked to the dance moves with a lot of enthusiasm.

You may dance your heart out with any kind of moves from contemporary to classical to bhangra to free styling! The sky is the limit to your creativity when it comes to dancing styles on Bollywood songs.

Tone your body while you have the best time losing those extra kilos!

Pole Dance:

If you have great core strength you may go for pole dancing. It will help you enhance your flexibility and body balance. Your muscles will get stronger while you enjoy pole dancing.

If you suffer from any kind of back problems, cervical spondylitis, joint pain or have an untoned body, then it best to avoid it.


Grooving to the beats of Latin American music can put anyone in great spirits. The dynamic vibes and foot tapping music makes you enjoy the workout sessions like a party!

No wonder people of all age groups go gaga after this dance form alike!

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop style of dancing provides an intensive workout for you that helps burn calories fast.

You enjoy working out on different kinds of contemporary music from Rap to Raggae. The free style moves gives you ample scope to be creative while you tone your body.

Belly Dance:

Belly dance is Middle Eastern dance form that focuses on your hips and torso. This solo dance form is great way to tone your belly area and develop core strength.


Jazz is a dance style that targets your calf muscles, hamstrings and your thigh muscles. It involves flowing hands and leg movements and stretches that help you burn excess calories in a fun way!

It improves your body posture, flexibility and boosts your energy levels!

So what are you waiting for? Just sign up for your favourite dance classes and enjoy losing weight!

-Shalini Attre

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