10 Reasons for choosing Bhaavya Kapur’s Make Up & Hair Academy!

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If you take a keen interest in the latest makeup trends and try your hand at experimenting with different makeup looks, then you are definitely a makeup enthusiast!

You can turn your interest in makeup, hairstyling; nail art, henna into a full fledged passion by getting the requisite training for it by the industry experts. Under proper guidance, you can learn the ropes of makeup/ hairstyling and take your interest to places.

#Best makeup artist in Lucknow, Bhaavya Kapur started her entrepreneurial journey by establishing he make up studio that has now expanded into four successful branches. She extends her vision to all those who wish to learn the art of makeup by establishing Bhaavya Kapur’s make Up & Hair Academy in 2017.

It was started with the aim of providing a platform to the people interested in learning makeup and hairstyling for personal as well as professional purposes.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should choose Bhaavya Kapur’s Make Up and Hair Academy-

  1. It gives you the scope to learn a variety of courses like make up, hairstyling, nail art, air brush make up, draping, henna, beautician course, hair technician course.

With the plethora of courses to offer, you can go for your choicest courses –all under one umbrella!

  1. When you enroll for courses at Bhaavya Kapur’s Make Up & Hair Academy then you are trained by the #best make up artist in Lucknow Bhaavya Kapur herself and other industry experts from the fields of makeup, hairstyling, nail art, skin care, fashion and mehendi.
  2. The Academy is well equipped with the professional set up of makeup stations and gives you a true feel of live makeup scenario. The entire ambience prepares you for the real time professional makeup and hairstyling.
  3. The Academy provides you with the facility of practice when the classes are not going on. If you wish to stay back and devote extra hours for practice after the classes, you are most welcome to do so at the Bhaavya Kapur Make Up & Hair Academy.
  4. The assessment at the Academy prepares you to deal with any kind of situation in the service field of makeup & hairstyling.
  5. The top performing students of any of the batches are offered the opportunity to join the Bhaavya Kapur studios for the internship. The best interns are offered jobs at any of our studios too.
  6. Bhaavya Kapur’s Make Up & Hair Academy provides you with adequate media exposure and helps build up your profile in the industry.

The certificate awarding ceremony by the #best makeup artist in Lucknow, Bhaavya Kapur and other pictures with your models are flaunted on various social media platforms like Bhaavya Kapur’s official website, Facebook, Instagram and even published in the leading newspapers of the city.

  1. Bhaavya Kapur’s credits the students with branding, industry exposure and expertise that helps them find roots in the makeup industry and to grow exponentially.
  2. If you do not wish to learn the ropes of make up or hairstyling on a professional basis, you can always opt for personal make up & hairstyling and other grooming courses.

Brides to be and working women find these short term self grooming courses very helpful and effective.

  1. The number of students per batch are kept limited. This is done in order to pay attention to individual student that helps their growth scale immensely.

Avail the opportunities provided by this institute to train yourself in the arena of personal and professional courses. Sky is the limit for the students of this institute to fly and grow!

-Shalini Attre

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