5 Jewellery Pieces Which Make a Muslim Bride Complete

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Every bride aspires to look like a princess on their wedding day. The wedding attire and the jewellery form a huge part of it. The bridal jewellery intensifies the beauty of the attire and takes it to another level. With modernism intruding everywhere including traditional attire, the classic pieces are getting a new look and are in trend now. Most of the jewellery the bride wears on the wedding day has a reason and a symbolic meaning behind it. Muslim bridal jewellery is very exquisite and delicate compared to other traditional jewellery. Their unique jewellery has added a distinct flavor to the wedding scene.


Jhoomar is an exquisite piece of jewelry which was introduced in the bridal scene by the Muslim community. Usually, Jhoomar and the maang tikka complement and complete each other. According to Bhaavya Kapur, you should never choose a Jhoomar which contradicts or overpowers the maang tikka. Jhoomar is a delicate headpiece with a gold filigree studded with gems and flimsy strings of pearls. The pearls and the diamonds add a stylish allure to the bride.

Choker Necklace

The choker necklace plays an important part in a Muslim bridal collection. It is a heavy piece with an intricate gold design. It is usually studded with precious and semi-precious gems. This particular piece of jewelry if their wedding outfit makes use of stonework or sequin work. The choker offsets the wedding dress and adds a sensuous appeal.


Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka was lost among the recent innovations but made a comeback in the recent times. Bhaavya Kapur believes that maang tikka is a crucial piece of jewelry which completes a look and is important for all brides. Maang tikka can be made purely of gold or can be accessorized with any gems matching the wedding attire. Usually, big tikkas are suitable for brides with a big forehead and small tikkas for brides with a small forehead.


Bracelets worn by Muslim brides during the marriage ceremony are very different from that of a casual bracelet. These bracelets can be jadau ones with the embellishment of costly pearls and gems while it can be simple flower based bracelets beaded in wood. It can be traditional and ethnic with the classic designs etched in them. Usually, these are heavy and with delicate stone and polki works.


Wearing a nose ring or a nathni is one of the oldest customs. Nath can also be a stud which is worn more casually. The nathni worn during a wedding is more of a big ring with a delicate gold string that connects the nose ring and the earring.  Brides should try it out before the d-day since this might not suit everyone and it might not also be everyone’s cup of tea.

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