Pamper Yourself With The Ravishing Manicures Only at BK Studios

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We all love to have beautiful and strong nails, as good looking hands make a good first impression. Manicures are the best way of having them. It is no longer something you do only during special occasions; rather it is a way of pampering yourself now and again.

It is not only about beauty, regular manicures can work wonders on your health. They are the best stress busters. Massage given during the manicure, works directly and improves blood circulation, make your nails healthy and gives it a smooth and young look.

What is Manicure?

It is a cosmetic treatment of hands that includes hand massage, cuticle removal, exfoliation and cleaning and shaping of nails. If you have an injury to your hand, you are advised to wait until you recover before you go for the manicure. Let’s have a look at the most popular types of manicures at BKS.

Lemon Grass: 

If you have a normal skin texture, then this is for you. This treatment includes filing, shaping, a light buffing of the nail, a moisture application and polish. Soaking hands in a mixture of lemongrass and sea salt for some time gives an excellent cleansing effect by removing rough skin and calluses. This is followed by nail shaping and cuticle grooming. This is loved by people who like routine care and stress relief.

Lemon Grass

Lotus Crystal Spa:

If you want a wonderful glowing skin then go for this luxurious treatment that uses crystal scrubs that protect and renew hands and nails. It smoothens, soothes and also nourishes your skin.

lotus crustal spa

Body Shop:

This is one of the world’s topmost brand. If you are worried about your dry and flaky skin then I suggest you try body shop products at least once. It gives excellent nourishment for dry and flaky skin, making it silky smooth.

Body Shop

Red Wine:

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it! Well, it is a treatment where we use original red wine and we all know that wine is good for skin. It moisturizes and hydrates your skin. The wine evens your skin tone and makes it shiny as if we have used serums. You will see that the results are long-lasting.

wine shop manicure


Contrary to the name, Bomb manicures are a hot selling service. They are rich in essential oils, moisturizing ingredients and have a beautiful fragrance. You will find instant results. It not only hydrates your fingertips but removes tan as well.

Bomb manicure is a favorite among brides due to their soothing, aromatic and long lasting effects.

The above-mentioned manicures are the most hot-selling products in the manicure range tried and appreciated by customers at BK Salon and Make-up Studio. Feeling envy of them, try one which suits you the best and enjoy being in limelight.

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