8 Wonderful Foot Care Secrets Revealed!

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Footwear looks best if your feet adorning them look great and well groomed, isn’t it? Your feet are mostly neglected for want of time and effort in the hectic pace of life.

By taking proper care of your feet you can ensure that you have the essential confidence to walk into any arena with great style! Besides, your feet will thank you for keeping them clean and healthy.

Let us discover foot care secrets that will keep your feet happy-

Keep them clean:

Wash off your feet nicely to remove all traces of dirt. If possible, go for regular pedicure sessions or even do it yourself at home.

Moisturize them well:

Keep your feet well hydrated by moisturizing them at least twice a day- once after taking a bath and once at bedtime. Make sure your feet are clean and dry before moisturizing them.

It also helps prevent hardening of skin as well as avoids calluses and dryness.

Keep them dry:

Fungal infections on the feet are quite common especially in areas with high humidity levels. Keep your feet well dried and avoid accumulation of sweat and moisture around your feet area.

Wear clean socks and take them off if they are wet.

Wash your feet well and dry them with a separate towel frequently. You may also sprinkle anti fungal powder between your toes to keep them dry during rainy season.

Clip your toenails:

Clip your toenails regularly with a nail cutter. Cut them straight horizontally to get a square shape. Do this to avoid ingrown nails which are quite painful to live with.

Use an emery board instead of a metallic filer to smoothen the rough edges of the clipped nails.

Avoid high heels:

Wearing high heels frequently for a long duration is not very good for your body posture.

It will make your muscles go sore and cause unnecessary strain on your back.

Eat healthy:

Eat foods rich in protein, minerals like zinc, vitamins like B12, C and E. Fish, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, seeds and veggies are good sources of the above nutrients.

They keep your toe nails strong and healthy.

Let the toe nails breathe:

Remove the nail polish on your toenails with a good quality remover. Keep them in a natural state for a few days to let them breathe and to avoid yellow nails.

Always apply a base coat and a top coat to protect your toe nails from the nail polish and to keep the nail polish from chipping off easily.

Take care of cracked heels:

It is common to have cracked and painful heels especially in the winter season. Apply keratin based cream to heal your cracked heals quickly.

You may also apply petroleum jelly or a good moisturizer at all times to prevent your heels from cracking.

Use these simple tips to take care of your feet and make them well groomed! Happy feet to you!

-Shalini Attre

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