8 Easy DIY Ideas to Organize Your Makeup!

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Do you often find yourself struggling to find your choicest lipstick in the makeup kit?

Do you have you rummage through the dresser drawer to find your favorite makeup brush every time you get ready to go out?

If so, then it is time to organize your makeup stuff and your dresser.

A well-organized dresser is tidy, saves a lot of time lost in finding the things you need, and looks like a million bucks.

Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep it well organized. All it takes is a little creativity and a handful of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that will do the trick.

It is pocket-friendly, one of its kind and may also fetch you compliments for the innovative look.Ideas to Organize Your Makeup

Here are 8 easy ways to organize your makeup tools and products:

  1. Store makeup brushes upright:

  • Use glass vases to keep your makeup brushes upright. You can fill them with glass marbles for keeping the brushes erect. It looks beautiful from the outside too!
  • Go all out for different holders for different types of brushes. You may use a short holder for face brushes and a tall one for eye brushes.
  1. Make your perfumes stand out:

  • You may use a pretty cake stand for your choicest perfumes on the dresser or in the bathroom.
  • You may spray paint it to match the color of your dresser and add embellishment on the outer edges to make it attractive.Ideas to Organize Your Makeup
  1. Stock hair products well:

  • You may use a magazine holder to store your hair products like shampoos, conditioners, etc.
  • It will make the space orderly and keep the hair products handy for use. Looks beautiful too!
  1. Keep eye pencils together:

  • You may use a nice-looking pen holder for placing all the eye pencils, lip pencils, mascara and kajal sticks.
  • When in a rush, you will find it easier to find and use them without rummaging through the entire dresser area.
  1. Use racks for nail polish:

  • You may stack your precious nail polish collection in racks available on online stores. You may go for racks that can be hung on walls or simply stored on the dresser.
  • It is quite an effective and inexpensive way of storing nail polishes.Ideas to Organize Your Makeup
  1. Store hair tools separately:

  • You may store hair tools like hairdryer, hair straightener, etc. in a cane basket separately. This way they are kept out of the way, look neatly stored and can be accessed easily by you any time.
  1. Display lipsticks neatly:

  • For storing your precious lipsticks and liquid lipsticks you may buy acrylic organizers. These organizers are available in various sizes in online stores at reasonable prices.
  • You may store your lipsticks and liquid lipsticks in separate organizers. They look cool and are handy to use on your dresser.
  1. Store eye shadow palettes:

  • Use a letter holder with multiple sections to hold your eye shadow palettes. The holder comes in transparent glass color and many other attractive textures and designs.
  • It not only makes your dresser look great but also keeps the palettes handy and safe.
  • Make your dresser look well-organized and beautiful with these inexpensive and effective DIY ideas. If you have any more DIY ideas for the same, do share them with us.

-Shalini Attre

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