6 Effective Tips for Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup!

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If you love wearing glitzy glitter eye makeup to glam up your look then read on. Though glitter is dazzling and attractive, it requires a lot of caution while applying it.

It may scratch your skin or damage your eyes if not applied correctly. Glitter dust may fall over your face and may spoil your makeup too since it is quite a difficult task to remove spilled over glitter from your face.

Striking a balance is crucial while applying glitter makeup or else you may end up going over the top with it.

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Here are tips to go for your glitter eye makeup look with expert ease:

  1. Find the right product:

Finding the glitter that suits your skin best is most crucial. Only go for glitter that is meant to be applied on the face.

For creating the glitter eye shadow look, #the best makeup artist in town will advise you to buy pressed glitter in the form of eye shadow.

For using glitter liner for the cut crease, buy good quality glitter eyeliner to create the desired look.

  1. Always use a base for glitter:

#The best makeup artist will advise you to always use a good base for your glitter.

Just using a primer for eyes is sufficient for holding the glitter on the skin. To keep the glitter particles sticking to your skin, use glitter glue or glitter base.

It will not only keep your look intact for a long time but also ensure that the glitter particles remain glued to your skin without falling over your face overtime.

  1. Shield the under eye area well:

It is a good idea to protect your under-eye area before applying glitter eye makeup.

Use a tape under your eyes to stop glitter from falling onto your under-eye area. You may remove this tape after applying the glitter.

This will save you the headache of removing extra glitter particles from under the eyes that may fall off while applying it.

  1. Use tape to clean glitter:

If by chance you have glitter particles sticking to your face, which may happen sometimes, do not worry.

Cut out strips of tape and use them to pick up glitter from your face.

You may also use tape to remove glitter makeup at the end of the day. After doing this, you may cleanse your make up with the regular makeup remover.

This will save you the extra effort in removing glitter and keep your eyes safe at the same time.

 eye makeup

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  1. Apply makeup after glitter:

The thumb rule for applying glitter is to apply it first before putting makeup on the rest of your face.

This saves you the trouble of re-doing or correcting your makeup, in case glitter falls on your face.

Always apply glitter makeup, clean it up well and then proceed with applying the rest of the makeup on your face.

  1. Avoid glitter on sensitive eyes:

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, then you should avoid wearing glitter eye makeup.

The glitter particles may fall into your eyes and may prove abrasive on your cornea. The skin under the eyes is thin and glitter may scratch it too if you are careful with it. It is best to not apply glitter if you have sensitive eyes or skin. Use these effective tips to create the stunning glitter look and glam up all the way with great panache!

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