Essential Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

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When was the time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

If you love doing makeup, then it is quite important to clean up your makeup brushes and sponges.

If left uncleaned they may accumulate harmful bacteria, dirt, and oil. This may lead to skin conditions like breakouts of acne, pimples, rashes or other skin infections.

It is very essential to keep your makeup brushes and sponges well. It should be a part of your regular skincare regimen to ensure a healthy and clean skin.

 Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

What do you require to clean the makeup brushes?

Well, you don’t require much paraphernalia to do the cleaning act.

Lukewarm water and soaps or cleansers meant for cleaning makeup brushes are good enough.

Use a soft towel to dry them up later.

How often should the makeup brushes be cleaned?

Ideally speaking the makeup brushes should be cleaned each time you use them. But this may be a challenging task for most of the makeup enthusiasts.

The best way is to clean them at least once every week on a regular basis. This can be done for brushes that are used to apply powder-based products like bronzers, translucent powder, blushes, etc.

Brushes used to apply cream or liquid-based makeup products like foundation or concealers tend to collect bacteria, dirt or oil quite quickly.

So it is best to clean them every time you use them. Your skin will remain protected from breakouts and infections if you follow this cleaning routine diligently.

How to clean the makeup brushes without spoiling their shape?

Here are the steps to clean the makeup brushes:

    1- Rinse the bristles:

Place the bristles of the makeup brush under lukewarm water and rinse it well.

Make sure you keep the water below the handle of the brush. The glue that binds the bristles in shape to the handle of the brush should be protected from water.

   2-Soap up nicely:

Put a couple of drops of makeup cleanser or soap on your palm.

Place the bristles on your palm and massage the tips of bristles well to blend the soap or cleaner.

Do it gently to avoid damaging the bristles.

Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

      3-Rinse again:

Place the bristles of the makeup brush under the lukewarm water again. Rinse the soap or cleanser off nicely

     4-Dry it out:

Dry out the excess water from the bristles of the makeup brush by squeezing them flat on a soft towel

    5-Hang it up:

Hang the bristles of the makeup brush from the edge of a   flat surface to dry out completely.

Avoid drying it out in a vertical position. This is done to prevent moisture from dripping on to the glue that may loosen the bristles.

Make sure you store your makeup brushes in a case or a bag that is thoroughly cleaned from time to time. This will ensure that your makeup brushes last you a long time.

In the case of makeup sponges, clean them up after you use them as they collect more makeup products in comparison to brushes.

For cleaning the makeup sponge dip it well in a mixture of cleanser or soap and lukewarm water. Squeeze the sponge twice underwater. Dry it out on a clean surface.

Apply these tips to clean your makeup brushes well and keep your skin healthy and well protected.

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