7 Incredible Makeup Hacks for You!

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If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must have come up with a customized makeup hack for yourself.

These hacks come in handy if you have run out of any beauty product or if you are running late for a party or simply if you want to look good on a regular working day.

The makeup hacks are pretty useful. They are pocket-friendly, save you lots of time and give a great effect much effort.

Let us explore 7 handy and incredible makeup hacks for you

  1. Blush:

If you have run out of your favorite shade of blush, don’t worry.

Take a teaspoon of petroleum jelly in a small bowl. Add a bit of your favorite pink shade of lipstick to it. Blend it well to get the shade of blusher that you want. And you are ready to go!

You may also store the leftover product in a small container for using it later.

  1. Foundation:

Sometimes you end up with a dark shade of liquid foundation than what you require. With a simple hack, you can easily use the same foundation.

Take a few drops of foundation and mix a few drops of your moisturizer to it. Blend it well to get the shade of moisturizer that you want.

You may also prepare some more of it and store it for daily use.

  1. Mascara:

At times, your mascara and liquid lipstick may dry up in the end. Just put the stick end down in a bowl full of hot water for five minutes.

Make sure half the length is immersed in water. Take it out and apply it easily.

The water melts the liquid mascara or lipstick and it is ready to be applied.

  1. Lipstick:

Satin or glossy lipsticks tend to transfer while kissing or sipping drinks. You need to re-apply them often.

To make your lipstick transfer-resistant, just dab translucent powder over your stained lips. You are good to go for hours without a touch-up!

  1. Makeup Remover:

If you have run out of your makeup remover, don’t lose heart.

Just take some baby lotion and massage it nicely all over your face. When it blends into your makeup, take a tissue and gently rub the makeup off your face.

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

  1. Kohl:

Some may have one eye slightly smaller than the other. You can easily correct it with a simple hack.

When you apply kohl on the smaller eye, apply it a little under the lower lash line.

When you apply kohl on the bigger eye, apply it on the lower lash line.

The overall look will make your eyes look similar in size.

  1. Lipstick:

If your favorite bullet of lipstick is about to finish, you don’t have to chuck it away yet.

Just scrape out the remaining lipstick in a small container. Add a little coconut oil to it and blend it well.

Put it in a freezer for some time and voila you have your choicest shade ready to apply with a brush.

Use these easy makeup hacks and enjoy doing makeup at any time of the day! If you have any such makeup hacks, do share them with us.

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