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Profesional Makeup Artist Batch 2019 (From - 22nd March )

At Bhaavya Kapur Makeup Academy, you’ll learn about makeup applications that are practiced in the industry today. You will start from the basics, and finally transition into advanced concepts of Makeup. BKMA teaching methods are actually designed to help you learn faster! BKMA takes pride in putting a great deal of emphasis in both technique AND product knowledge, giving you a another clear competitive edge in the market.
Upon completion of Professional Makeup Artist Course, you will be ready to work in a variety of areas: Makeup Brands, Film, Television, TVC, Fashion Runway, Events, and Salons.
Also, at BKMA you will:
1. Learn from Leading Makeup Artist Bhaavya Kapur
2. Gain some of the best techniques and product knowledge
3. Be a part of a unique concept in teaching, where demos and personal practice take place in the same session.

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